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New Improved Transitions

Essilor introduced an improved Transitions on July 10, 2019. It is called Transitions Signature GEN 8, and it supersedes Transitions Signature VII, the previous version of the Transitions product.

All the labs have switched over to the new product.

We thought it would be a good idea to see how the new Transitions compares to the old one. This video shows the new product gets darker, and fades back to light faster.

Other Products

This video compares Transitions Signature VII against some inferior product that one of our competitors sells. It doesn't get nearly as dark as genuine Transitions, nor does it get as clear when unactivated. This video was sped up 8x.

Lifestyle Activities & Eyeglasses

This is a video sent to optical stores to post as a repeating loop in their waiting rooms.

The video discusses various

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Making Eyeglass Lenses

In this video we show the steps taken in an in-store optical lab to 'grind' a lens for a pair of eyeglasses.

In an optical store, the process is to

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Antifog Coating For Eyeglass Lenses

Winter is upon us, and certain occupations require a person to go in and out of the cold weather frequently during the day. For eyeglass wearers, this brings on a familiar difficulty. Lens fogging.

forest 547363 640Lens fogging occurs when humidity in the air condenses on a frosty cold eyeglass lens. It is an annoyance, but worse, it affects productivity and can be very dangerous. Suppose the eyeglass wearer doesn't see a stairway, other obstacle, or a small child in his path because the eyeglass lenses are fogged white.

The amount of lens fogging can be lessened by

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What Is The Best Progressive Lens

Differences Of Purpose - Progressive Lenses

There have been some amazing advances in progressive lens technology. As of this writing, four progressive lenses are leading in technological advances. There are differences in what they try to accomplish, and how they approach that.

Keep in mind that

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Safe Way To Clean Eyeglasses

There is a lot of misinformation and superstition surrounding the cleaning of eyeglasses. This video shows the safe and effective ways to clean your eyeglasses.

Don't Use Windex To Clean Your Eyeglasses - Here's Why:

Some people have used

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