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Essilor Next Gen Offer

With the debut of Essilor's newest version of Transitions: Transitions Signature GEN8, Essilor has revived a version of the free lenses offer they used to promote the introduction of thier Varilux X Series progressive lens.

Here's the deal:

Buy a pair of glasses with qualifying lenses, get the lenses for a second pair free.

Here's the qualifications

  • First pair must have Transitions Signature GEN 8
  • First Pair must have Crizal Anti-Reflective coating
  • First Pair must be Varilux X Series or Eyezen +
  • Patient must purchase two frames.
  • Second pair will be either Varilux X Series or Eyezen + with Crizal coating
  • Second pair provided in clear but may be upgraded to Transitions Signature GEN 8 or Experio Polarized for additional cost
  • Both pairs must be for the same person and ordered at the same time
  • Offer expires December 31, 2019

No other promotions or eyeglass plans apply.

Performance Improvements Of The New Transitions Signature GEN 8

  • Faster Fade Back Than Transitions Signature VII
  • Faster Activation Than Transitions Signature VII
  • Darker When Fully Activated

Our distributors and labs switched over to Transitions Signature GEN 8 on July 10. As of that date, we use GEN 8 for all new Transitions orders.

If you'd like to take advantage of this deal, please stop in and let us know