We are very selective in the frames we carry, selecting for quality and style from the dozens and sometimes hundreds of frames that the various frame reps show us.

The lines we carry are chosen for quality, and value and style.

This section will showcase the new frame styles we bring in.

Adin Thomas

Adin Thomas Women's Eyeglass Frames

  • Colorful
  • Contemporary
  • Quality
  • Mid-Range

Adin Thomas frames are quality mid-priced eyeglass frames suitable for young or mature wearers. Traditional shapes with contemporary color and materials make these a good frame choice.

Cote D'Azure Eyewear


Cote D'Azure eyewear features unique designs that have a softy spoken elegance.

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Scott Harris Eyewear

Scott Harris is an American designer. The brand is disntinctly American: Plain spoken, classic.

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Cinzia eyeglass frames feature clean, simple, elegant design and tasteful color.

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Ernest Hemmingway Spring 2018

The Ernest Hemmingway line of frames represent classic style and great value at a mid-level price.

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La Matta Spring 2018

The new frame introductions into the La Matta line of frames feature larger sizes and some bold new designs

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Coco Song Spring 2018

New frames added to our Coco Song Eyewear Collection

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