For many, coming in for an eye examination during the optometrist's scheduled hours is difficult or inconvenient. For those with limited time in their schedules, we offer Instant Exam using the latest technology from Smart Vision Labs.

SVOne smart exam refraction

The SVOne is a device that scans the eyes using wavefront technology, and transmits the data to a board certified Ophthalmologist for review. In a matter of minutes we know what your prescription is and can proceed with filling it. Eligible patients can use Smart Vision exams to get either eyeglass prescriptions or contact lens prescription renewals.SVOne smart exam answer questions


No Appointment Necessary For A Smart Vision Exam

The Smart Vision Exam Is A Simple & Quick Process

  • Answer few simple questions about your eyes and general health history
    As you look into the SVOne mobile autorefractor, it will scan your eyes using wavefront technology.
  • Several test measurements are made of each eye using the device. There is an audible indication as the measurements are made. The data is then transmitted to Smart Vision Labs where ...
  • Your exam data is reviewed by a licensed ophthalmologist. Preliminary results are available to your optician immediately. Your finalized results will be available to your optician and also email you within 24 hours
  • You will have access to your glasses or contacts prescription via a secure online login so you won't lose your prescription again.

About The SVOne Wavefront Autorefractor

The SVOne is an FDA Registered Class I Medical Device from Smart Vision Labs. The SVOne digital diagnostic tool is a wavefront autorefractor incorporating the latest advances in technology and the scientific algorithms which produce accurate and instantaneous results. The results are sent electronically to our state-licensed ophthalmologists for review. The power of wavefront aberrometry & Internet communications provide prescriptions for eyeglasses in minutes.SVOne smart exam wavefront device

The proprietary technology of the SVOne is a stand alone autorefractor and a telemedicine platform which increases access to vision care by leveraging technology and innovation. Using the SVOne, Over 60,000 vision tests have been performed in 23 countries, through partnership with numerous nonprofits and NGOs, and brought eye-care services to underserved populations here in the US, India, China, South America and Africa.

SVOne smart exam capture images