A patient came in looking for eyeglasses with side shields to protect him from the wind as he rode his Harley Davison.

We noted that he would also need a good fit about the bridge of his nose for good wind protection. The lenses and frame would also have to have good impact resistance.

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles LightThe frame we selected from our safety eyewear catalog is a Titmus SW06. It is a nylon frame with 17° faceform, removable dust dam, and integral side shields.

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles DarkenedThe lenses are polycarbonate for their superior impact resistance and modest cost. For sun protection, the lenses were ordered with Transitions Vantage which lighten and darken with sunlight, and also have a polarized filter when darkened. Polarization eliminates glare from reflected light, and allows clear vision into other vehicles.

The patient did not feel that progressive lenses were necessary for riding, which kept the cost down. We recommended against anti-reflection coating, expecting that dust and abrasives would reduce its durability and accellerate the need to replace the lenses.