Our response to the Caronavirus Emergency

Since we supply eyeglasses and contact lenses, which are classified as medical devices, we are open on a limited basis, and may reduce hours. We will limit the number of people in store to one (or two if they come together).

We are available for eyeglass repairs and replacement, and contact lens supply replenishment. We also have Smart Exam which uses telemedicine to renew contact lens prescriptions and prescribe eyeglasses.

If you run out of contact lenses, or have eyeglasses in genuine need of repair or replacement, call the store. Leave a message if nobody answers. We'll make arrangements for you to replenish your contact lenses or repair or replace your eyeglasses.

Our contact lens and stock eyeglass lens distributors are still taking orders and shipping. Some of the custom lens laboratories we use are still open so we can get progressive lenses as well.

Contact lens prescriptions can be renewed via Smart Exam which uses telemedicine to have a remote ophthalmologist write the prescription renewal. Eyeglass prescriptions can be provided using the same system. We will not be able to do any new contact lens fittings.

We will be operating on reduced hours, and we intend to maintain social distancing, so be sure to call ahead to find a time when we can see you.

Please call ahead to arrange a time that we can accommodate you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mark Simko

Yes, we can put new lenses in your old frame!

Just because you have a change in prescription doesn't mean you have to buy a whole new pair of glasses.

Provided your frame is in good condition, we put new lenses into them.

If your frame is very old, we will advise that you replace it. But if you are very attached to it, and it is usable, we will carefully cut new lenses for it.

An important caveat is that we are cannot be responsible for your frame if it does break. It's unlikely to happen, but sometimes it does. In that case, we will discuss repair options or replacement options. We'll make it as painless as we possibly can.

About Internet bought frames

We can put lenses in those too!

We don't carry every brand and style. Sometimes you find a deal you just can't pass up, or find a vintage frame you just can't get elsewhere.

We'll handle them carefully for you, and adjust them for you too. We'll be very careful with them, but you'll assume responsibility should they break.