We Can Renew Your Contact Lens Prescription For Online Ordering

We understand that many of you prefer to get your contact lenses from online sources.

In New York, contact lens prescriptions expire after 1 year. Online contact lens suppliers will direct you to get an updated Rx if their records show your prescription is older than one year.

Contact Lens on fingertip

For those that are satisfied with their current contact lens prescription, this requirement can seem like a major inconvenience.

We offer contact lens Rx renewal at convenient times for those that are having no discomfort issues with their current contact lenses. A Smart Exam with our SVOne takes only a few minutes and will do a refraction to see if you need any change in prescription for clear vision. The remote Ophthalmologist will then email a copy of your updated RX to you.

Contact Lens Rx Renewal with the SVOne Smart Exam

The Smart Exam requires a photo of the packages of your existing contact lenses, so be sure to bring along the contact lens packages from your current lenses. 

The SVOne Smart Exam is only available during times when we don't have an optometrist on premises. Please call to find out the best time to come in for a contact lens Rx update through Smart Exam