Great Prescription Eyewear Shouldn't Cost A King's Ransom!

We do everything we can to:

  • Craft your eyewear as fine as possible
  • Make your eyewear as affordable as possible
  • Make getting your eyewear as convenient as possible

You Get Involved In The Process

Each pair of eyewear crafted at Howard Beach Vision is based upon what you tell us your needs are.

Come in and tell us what you do. Tell us what you are experiencing. Tell us what you'd like to do better.

We'll tell you what's available. How it will help you. How much it will help you, and how much it will cost.

Carefully Sourced Materials

Quality Frames

Quality Lenses

Fast Turnaround


We usually recommend multiple pairs - Here's why


We make multiple pairs affordable.


Automatic Warranty - If you break or lose your eyeglasses, replacements are 1/2 price.