We Make Quality A Priority.

Covert Optical is dedicated to providing quality eyewear and service at reasonable prices.

We use quality lenses and frames. We wear what we sell. We sell what we believe in.


We know that the best lens is not the most expensive one. The best lens is the one that fits your needs. We operate on that premise.

We have a wide selection of frames to suit the tastes of the Covert Ave. area. Elegant, dresswear, sporty, studious, dignified, and knockabouts. We try to cover most of the bases.

Covert Optical was formerly Howard Beach Vision Care. We moved here from the Lindenwood section of Howard Beach in October of 2018. Our neighbor in the shopping plaza wanted to expand, and it was a perfect opportunity to get out of our lease and move to Floral Park. We got more room and a nicer store with better street visibility.

We are grateful that many of our patients from Lindenwood come to see us here in Floral Park. We know it is a long drive. We're touched that they value our service so highly that they make that drive.

About Howard Beach Vision Care:


Mark Simko purchased Howard Beach Vision Care in May 2017, from Dr. Marc Mishan OD who ran it as a private practice for 31 years. Dr. Mishan and his wife Dr. Susan Mishan OD retired at that time.

Greg Petrozelli, the optician, stayed on after Dr. Mishan retired. Greg has served the Howard Beach community for 17 years, and is delighted to be able to continue on.

During our first week under new ownership, dozens of people stopped in to tell us how glad they were that Howard Beach Vision Care has found a new owner and is staying open. They were especially delighted to see that Greg is still here to help them. It is obvious that Greg is well loved in this neighborhood, a testament to his exceptional skills and pleasant demeanor.

We made changes to the shop:

  • Upgrade the quality of frames we carry
  • Update the styles to reflect new fashion trends
  • Price reduction to make eyewear more affordable

A note about that last commitment - we did NOT becoming a discount eyewear outlet. Discount eyewear stores sell cheap goods that don't serve the wearer well. They don't fit well, fall out of adjustment, and look cheaply made, especially to the discerning eye.

As we compete with the expensive high end optical shops, and the cheap Wobbly Barker online optical stores, we've decided to take the middle road. We offer what we consider to be the best value. Good looking quality eyewear at reasonable prices.